Bolting Silo introduce the world's most advanced manufacturing technology, pressing, punching, bending arc are controlled  by computer. Corrugated board, column, roof plate, steel silo parts punching precision, strong interchangeability, convenient  installation, greatly improve the product quality and reliability. The company can produce diameter of 3.65meters to 32 meters,  single chamber reserves of 30 tons to 12000 tons of flat, tapered, porous material with type of steel silo; from technology,  civil engineering design, automation control system and lifting, conveying, cleaning, drying, magnetic separation, metering,  civil works, ventilation, dust, temperature, humidity etc. equipment manufacturing, installation, commissioning and training of  personnel and other one-stop turnkey project. Products are widely applicable to the storage of grain, seed, cement, fly ash  and other granular, powdery material, can be used for grain, flour, starch factory, oil mill, feed mill, alcohol factory, winery, port,  farms, food processing center, cement plants and other enterprises, as the primary layer storage bin, temporary storage,  transit silo, raw material warehouse, grain reserves and other application.

Bolting SiloBolting Silo

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Bolting Silo

Bolting Silo



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