Pellets Screener TQLZ Series Vibrating Screener

It is mainly used for the cleaning of impurities, powders, light impurities, etc. of some grain grains;


■ Cleanable materials: wheat, rice;

■ Large output, high efficiency, low power consumption, good cleaning effect, stable operation and low noise;

■ Adopt the overall frame type to effectively solve the problem of cracking and welding of the sieve body;

■ Adjustable screen inclination within 0-12°;

■ Three-layer screen vibrating screen can be customized by using upper and lower double-layer screens;

■  Convenient and fast screen replacement;

■  Be used with vertical suction duct or self-circulating air system with better effect ;

Pellets Screener TQLZ Series Vibrating Screener

Pellets Screener TQLZ Series Vibrating Screener

Models Parameters  TQLZ100/150TQLZ125/200TQLZ150/200TQLZ180/200TQLZ200/200
Sieve Size(mm)990×14961240×19961490x19961790x19961990x1996
Circulating Air SelectorTFXH100TFXH125TFXH150TFXH180TFXH200
Vertical Suction DuctTFDZ100TFDZ125TFDZ150TFDZ180TFDZ200


Power: 2x0.25kw/2x0.55kw/2x1.1kw

Sieve angle: 9 ° ~ 15 °

Sieve plate configuration: sieve plate (screen) aperture is designed according to material type

Housing material: Q235A (cold plate)



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