Closed-end grooved roller Shell

Roller shell, commonly known as roller, is one of the main parts of pellet mill. It can be used to process various biofuel pellets, animal feed and other pellets. Now we have the roller shells of different shapes, such as: closed-end grooved roller shell, honeycombed roller shell, drum-hole groove roller, open-end grooved roller shell, deflective-grooved roller shell etc.

FDSP can manufacture roller shells of different size and appearance according to your requirements or drawings or samples.

■ All roller-shells are manufactured using high carbom steels.

■ All roller-shells are surface-hardened up to 58-62HRC

■ Hardening depth is 6-7mm for C50 steel.

■ The heat treatment is characterized by uniform hardening and hardening depth to ensure maximum durabilty.

■ All our products are finished by skilled staff.

■ Roller-shell surface hardening is tested before delievery to ensure premium quality.

Product characteristics:

■ Grooved roller shell: good material intake performance, and is widely applied by feed plants.

■ Includes thin corrugated and strong corrugated

Normally, for small hole ring die, thin corrugated roller shell shall be applied, while strong corrugated roller shell is applied to large hole ring die. 

Grooved roller shell can be divided into open-end and closed-end, closed-end roller shell is good for material discharge from side holes, and increase extrusion force on both sides.

■ Material: Alloy steel, spring steel and bearing steel.

■ Special thermal treatment ensures better wear resisting, and pelletizing performance.

■ Long working life



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