Level System

In storage engineering, it is mainly used to detect the storage location of the materials inside the silo.

Description features:

 The level indicator is mainly divided into: mechanical type, capacitor type, permanent magnet type, radio frequency admittance type, tuning fork type, vibration bar type, heavy hammer type, ultrasonic type;

According to the material situation, storage technology and customer requirements, our company can provide various types of material level;

 In storage engineering, commonly used mechanical level indicator, also known as anti-rotation type material level device, it is composed of permanent magnet synchronous motor, speed reduction mechanism and rotary blade.

 According to the position of the level indicator in the silo, it can be divided into ordinary type and lengthening bar type;


1.射频导纳物开关 RF Admittance Level Switch 

2.静电容物位开关 Electrostatic Capacity Level Switch 

3.阴旋式料位开关 Rotary Paddle Level Switch 

4.组旋式料位开关 Rotary Paddle Level Switch 

5.重锤连续式物位计 Hammer Level Meter 

6.雷达波物位计 Radar Level Meter 

7.射频导纳物位计 RF Admittance Level Controller 

8.智能数显仪表 Intelligent Digital Instrument 

9.小型组旋式料位开关 Small Size Rotary Paddle Level Switch 

10.组旋式料位开关 Rotary Paddle Level Switch 

11.组旋式料位开关 Rotary Paddle Level Switch 

12.音叉式物位开关 Tuning Fork Level Switch 

13.空气锤 Air Hammer




High level indicator

Low level indicator

Rod lengthmm



Medium temperature



Blade rotation speed



 Blade material: SUS304

 Power supply voltage: 220VAC/24VAC/24VDC;

 Power: 3W;

 Blade specification: 40mm×100mm/35mm×80mm;

 Electrical interface: M20×1.5;



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