What Are the Advantages of Feed Mixer?

08. 18, 2020

Feed batching mixers are mixing equipment, especially used in breeding plants, where there are various animals. The quality of feed requires attention, but sometimes feed mixers are not used. It will affect the quality of feed. Next, the feed mixer manufacturer will introduce the advantages and characteristics of the feed mixer in the breeding industry. We all know that if the feed is mixed unevenly, the animal may not like to eat. This will reduce the animal's food intake, which will also affect the animal's growth, and then cause certain losses to the farm. Therefore, a feed mixer is needed to mix the feed to ensure the quality of the feed.

For those engaged in animal husbandry, feed mixers are no strangers. By using the feed mixer reasonably, manpower can be saved and work efficiency can be improved. Although many people know more or less about feed mixers, they are not comprehensive. In order to help everyone better understand the feed mixer, the following introduces the transmission mode of the feed mixer.

What is the common transmission mode of the Livestock feed mixer? The gear transmission is reliable, long service life, compact structure, and high transmission efficiency. In addition, its instantaneous transmission ratio is constant, power and speed have a wide range of applications; gear manufacturing requires special machine tools and equipment, processing costs and equipment requirements are relatively high. If the gear accuracy is low, the vibration and noise will be large, so it is not suitable for transmission with a large wheelbase. The transmission mode of chain transmission will not cause slippage, the transmission size is relatively compact, the tension is small, and the transmission efficiency is high. The instantaneous speed is uneven and can only be used for parallel transmission, not suitable for heavy load and fast reverse transmission. This type of transmission will generate a lot of noise during work and the manufacturing cost is also high.

Livestock Feed Mixer

Livestock Feed Mixer

The belt drive device can reduce load impact, run smoothly, without noise, and requires low precision in manufacturing and installation. When overloaded, the belt on the pulley will slip, which can prevent damage to other parts; it will produce elastic sliding and slipping, thereby reducing efficiency, and can not guarantee an accurate transmission ratio, and the service life of the transmission belt is short. The worm-driven mixing feed machine has a compact structure, stable operation, no noise, low impact, and low vibration. Worm drives are inefficient and expensive.

The above is an introduction to the advantages of feed mixers. In terms of application, vertical mixers are only suitable for small-scale and extensive start-up feed processing and use; horizontal mixers bear heavy production responsibilities and pressures, and they are suitable for almost all feeds. Even some crude fiber materials are not too problematic. I hope the above content will help everyone understand and use the feed mixer.


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