To Improve the Feed Quantity Efficiently by Upgrading the Processing Technology

03. 28, 2020

To Improve the Feed Quantity Efficiently by Upgrading the Processing Technology

During the procedure of feed production, there are three main points that influence the products; quality: quality of raw materials, formula of feed, and the processing technology. While the quality of raw materials as well as formula has been well controlled, many feed enterprises are seeking for improvement of processing technology to provide the market with better products.

1.Control of Moisture

The followings should be concerned during processing:

a)How to improve the quality of pelletizing.

b)How to reduce dust.

c)How to improve the processing efficiency of each working shift and drop the processing consumption of power.

d)How to efficiently use the steam get it fully cooled to maintain the moisture of feed.

2.Control of Raw Material cleaning

Without being cleaned previously, impurities in the raw materials may greatly influence the quality of feed and even affect the parturition of poultries. At the same time, these impurities can also harm the equipment during processing, reducing the capacity of the plant.

It is well acknowledged that, for feed processing enterprises, magnetic cleaning equipment should be firstly considered in the impurity removing process because this kind of cleaner can protect the equipment and better clean the chips in the raw materials at the same time.

3.Grinding Process of Raw Materials

Grinding of raw materials takes an important role in feed processing which obvious have an influence on the parturition of poultries. By reducing the degree of pellets in raw materials, the surface of feed can be expanded, which increases the chance for nutrition in feed to get in touch with digestive enzyme. In that case, the use ratio of nutriments in feed can be increased. To meet the requirement of fineness, the grinding process has gradually developed from single grinding to double grinding and pulverizing.

4.Mixing Process

The evenness of materials assures the cohesion of product quality. Generally, the CV should value no more than 7%. The evenness is particularly much more important for some materials added by a small amount or even a micro scale. Different equipments vary greatly in mixing effect that influences the growth of poultries to some extent. Therefore, when choosing a mixer, producers should pay more attention to each technical parameter so that the quality of feed can be ensured.

5.Pelletizing Process

During the feed processing, pelletizing process, a connecting link between former and later processes, is very important. Pelletizing generally consists of three parts: preprocessing (magnetic election, liquid adding and retention), pelletizing and post processing (cooling, crumbing and classification). After that materials are turned into pellets from powder. During this process, both production efficiency and product quality being considered, the physical indexes of pellet hardness, powder ratio, solubility in water, temperature after cooling etc should be ensured.


Processing technology is made up of equipment upgrading, advanced technology and production management. It is not only a simple mix of the above, but also comprehension of connection, use fluency and detail processing. The equipments, especially ones out of date, which cannot satisfy the feed processing, should be upgraded or replaced, aiming to improve the processing technology and feed quality.


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