The reason for the sudden breakdown of feed pellet mill

05. 09, 2020

The reason for the sudden breakdown of feed pellet mill

Pellet mill is a key equipment in the process of feed production. Its working efficiency directly affects the output and quality of the final product. However, during the daily operation of the machine, it will stop suddenly, which will seriously affect the production efficiency. So why does the granulator suddenly stop? FDSP Will answer your questions.

1. Instable voltage

Motor needs constant voltage during working, too high voltage is easy to make the insulation of the motor breakdown. If the voltage is too low, the electromagnetic torque of the motor will be greatly reduced. When the voltage is too low to a certain extent, the power generated cannot guarantee the normal operation of the pellet mill, and it is easy to burn the motor when working under the condition of low voltage for a long time. So when the pellet mill is working, be sure that the working voltage conforms to its rated voltage.

2. Loose motor driving belt (only for belt-driven granulator)

For belt-driven granulator, the driving belt (usually a synchronous toothed belt or a triangular belt) is the driving device of the motor, which transfers the power generated by the motor to the main shaft of the granulator to ensure its normal operation. The material of the transmission belt is rubber. Under long time stress and wear, it is easy to stretch and loosen, thus reducing its transmission capacity. However, when the granule machine cannot get enough power to operate, it will naturally stop working. Therefore, in the daily inspection of particle machine, must pay attention to check the tension of the triangle belt, and timely adjustment.

3.Crack of safety pin

In order to prevent overload of pellet mill which will make the main driving missing, safety pin structure is designed for pellet mill main driving system, if there are foreign bodies suddenly  enter into or overload caused by other situation during running, there will be a safety pin fracture, and disconnect the power and the connection between the main transmission parts, pellet mill will stop working. So during the pellet machine work, must avoid the impact load is too large, if there is a safety pin fracture, you can replace the safety pin to resume production.

4. parts of main body are short of oil

During the pellet mill running, the internal components are under large pressure, in order to make it normal work, and reduce the wastage of the machine, the grease should be added into components, but grease consumption is very fast under high strength work, when its internal grease is out of work, the machine will stop working. So we must add grease regularly according to the working intensity of the machine.

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