Steel Silo--The Logo of Modern Storage

08. 06, 2020

As a storage tool, the main role of steel silo is to store cement, fly ash, grain, feed, oil, and so on. After more than 30 years of development, steel silo is popularized in the world and widely used in every process of storage and transportation, as a symbol of the modernization bulk industry. The advantages of steel silo laid the foundation for its rapid development.   

Steel Silo--The logo of modern storage

Compared with the traditional warehouse, the steel warehouse has obvious advantages, mainly including the following points:

1. Low Energy consumption in operation. As the steel silo adopts the design concept of air fluidization, air homogenization, airflow, and mass flow transportation integration i.e. the principle of one air multi-use, a great deal of air source can be saved. Because of the long storage period and large capacity of cement, medium pressure air is used as an air source for discharging, low-pressure air source for the central area, and piping is used for conveying.

2. Good storage effect. Materials in the large steel wall of tight air isolation, the basic input vacuum storage. The sealing effect is much better than that of brick, stone, and concrete structure.

3. Low Carbon. The top of the steel silo is a load-bearing Dome, and a pulse vibration dust collector is installed on the top of each silo to collect the dust generated when the materials are put into the silo so that the dust emission concentration can reach below 30mg/m3.

4.Flexible process layout. According to the actual situation on-site, it can be arranged in one-row, triangle, double-row or multi-row, etc.  The direction of the discharge corridor can be determined according to the situation on-site. As a result of the use of up pipe discharge, so the location of the elevator can be freely chosen.

5. Storage is versatile. Can Store Cement, clinker, slag powder, fly ash, not only reduce investment, eliminate environmental pollution, but also save a lot of construction land.

6.Short construction period and long service life. According to geological conditions and on-site environment, the construction period of steel silo is about 4 months. If the warehouse group is constructed, the construction period can be cut down greatly. If the anti-corrosion maintenance is carried out according to the standard, only the anti-corrosion paint is needed every few years, the reliable service life of 30 years can be guaranteed without obvious external corrosion, and the maintenance and protection cost can be saved at the same time.

7. Maintenance cost is low: almost no maintenance cost of the material discharging equipment in the warehouse.

Steel Silo--The logo of modern storage

FDSP has rich construction experience and formal construction team, over the years we combine the steel silo research, development, design, construction, commissioning, and service as one. Whether at home or abroad, we have a wealth of steel silo equipment and storage systems engineering cases. Professional design, professional manufacturing, professional installation, so that customers can truly experience the quality of FDSP Steel Warehouse and one-stop comprehensive service is our constant pursuit.


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