Raw material cleaning, the selection of feed cleaning equipment is the key

04. 10, 2020

In the process of feed processing, raw material cleaning is very important. Due to the cause of imperfect cleaning process such as pipe blockage, material road not free, conveying machinery idling, hammer mill sieving and pelletizing machine die &roller damage or breakdown phenomenon occurs from time to time.To avoid the above phenomenon, we should pay attention to the following points in the cleaning process design.

Raw material cleaning, the selection of feed cleaning equipment is the key

1. The reasonable selection of the magnetic separator

The iron nails, bolts, nuts, small iron and other impurities mixed in the feed raw materials is very harmful to the high-speed hammer mill and pellet mill. It can make the bottom of the sieve breakdown, or seriously damage die and roller and burn the motor. There are two kinds of magnetic separation equipment in the design. One is a permanent magnet tube, the other is a permanent magnet drum. The former is small in size, small in floor area, no power consumption, demagnetization effect is also more ideal. But only suitable for small size of powder, light materials. Moreover, the adsorbed metal foreign body should be removed manually on a regular basis. Compared with the latter, the cost is high and the volume is large, but it is also applicable to the materials such as cake with larger geometric size and bran which is easily blocked.

2. Position arrangement of magnetic separator in the process

(1) The magnetic separator will be placed after the pre-cleaner,and before hammer mill, so as to effectively remove the metal impurities in the particle raw materials, to avoid damage to the hammer mill.

(2) There is a magnetic separator above the pellet mill, so as to effectively prevent the secondary raw materials mixed with metal impurities into the pellet mill to damage the die and roller.

(3) Install magnetic separators on the packing scale. This method is not commonly used in the process design, but it is necessary to remove the metal foreign matter in the secondary raw materials without pre-cleaning, so as to further improve and guarantee the quality of the finished feed.

3.The reasonable selection of all kinds of cleaner is the main equipment for cleaning and removing impurities in feed mills. Common used are drum pre-cleaner and powder cleaner.

Drum pre-cleaner is mainly used for cleaning pellet raw materials, such as corn cob, hemp rope, cloth, stone, soil, straw, etc. The drum pre-cleaner is not suitable for the powder material, mainly because of the powder material dispersion is poor particles, in the feed chute is easy to pile up and jam, so that the production can not proceed smoothly. The drum pre-cleaner has the characteristics of simple structure, small volume, large output, small power, easy installation and maintenance, etc. According to the nature of the material, suitable mesh screen can be selected.

Powder cleaning screen is mainly used for cleaning the powdery raw materials in feed mills. It can effectively remove large sundries mixed in the powder, and can break up the consolidated powder. The cleaning sieve feeding is forced feeding with screw, so it can ensure that the powder feeding smoothly into the horizontal sieve tube, to avoid the blocking of the powder in the process of conveying. Due to the radial spokes in the equipment, the impurities such as the rope are easy to be wrapped around and not easy to be removed. But generally speaking, this machine has the advantages of compact structure, easy installation, high removal efficiency, smooth operation and convenient screen change.


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