Learn the Daily Maintenance of Mill Equipment

08. 05, 2020

In order to make better use of feed grinders and reduce the incidence of failures, Hammer Mill Grinder Manufacturer briefly introduces the maintenance of feed grinders and reminds users to do daily maintenance. Let the mechanical equipment better extend life and create benefits.

1. Screen

The screen of the Chicken feed crumbler is made of punched thin steel plate or iron sheet. When the screen is worn or punctured by foreign objects, it needs to be overhauled. If the damaged area is not large, it can be repaired by riveting or soldering. If the damaged area is large, a new screen should be replaced. When installing a new screen, pay attention to that the rough side of the screen holes should face inward and the smooth side should face outward, and the screen and the screen frame should be tightly attached. When installing the ring screen, the stubble should follow the direction of rotation to prevent the material from jamming at the overlap.

2. Bearing

After every 300 hours of operation of the feed grinder, the bearings should be washed once. If the bearing is lubricated with engine oil, it is advisable to fill the gap of the bearing seat by 1/3 when adding new engine oil, and not more than 1/2 at most. Just tighten the constant cover oil ring cap a little before the operation. When the bearings of the feed mill are severely worn or damaged, they should be replaced in time, and attention should be paid to strengthen the lubrication.

Hammer Mill Grinder

Hammer Mill Grinder 

3. Tooth claw

Among the components of the claw feed mill, the crushing claw is a vulnerable part, and it is also the main component that affects the quality of feed crushing and production efficiency. Therefore, the crushing claw should be replaced in time after it is worn out. When replacing the jaws, pull out the disc first. Note that before pulling out the disc, you must first open the round nut lock plate on the back of the disc, use a hook wrench to unscrew the round mother, and then use the special puller to pull the disc out. In order to ensure the balanced operation of the rotor, pay attention to complete replacement when changing the claws. When assembling the claws, be sure to tighten the oyster nut and be careful not to miss the spring washer. In addition, qualified parts should be selected when changing the claws, and the weight difference of a single claw should not exceed 1 to 5 grams.

4. The hammer

Some of the hammer blades of the hammer type feed mill are symmetrical. When the sharp angle of the hammer blade is blunt, the angle can be adjusted on the reverse side; if one end and two corners are worn, it should be turned around. When adjusting the angle or turning the head, all the hammers should be carried out at the same time; after the four corners of the hammers are worn, all should be replaced, and the weight difference of each group of hammers should not be more than 5 grams. In addition, the pin shaft of the fixed hammer and the circular hole of the mounting pin shaft will be gradually ground due to wear and tear, and the circular hole will gradually become larger. When the pin diameter is reduced by 1 mm from the original size, the diameter of the circular hole will be ground to the original size. When it is 1 mm larger, the main shaft, disc, positioning sleeve, claw (hammer) and pin should be welded and repaired or replaced in time, and static balance test should be done to maintain the balance of the rotor, prevent the unit from vibration and crush The machine works stably.

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