Instruction for SCY punched drum pre-cleaner structure

12. 13, 2019

Instruction for SCY punched drum pre-cleaner structure

SCY punched drum pre-cleaner is widely used in raw material cleaning for feed mill. It is made up of punching round sieve cylinder, cleaning brush, drive device, frame and suction part. The raw material enters the middle part of the sieve cylinder through the inlet and feed tube. One end of the sieve tube is closed. The whole sieve cylinder is supported by the main shaft in a cantilever shape. The screen cylinder is divided into two sections, the front and the back, and the half section near the end of the shaft is mainly used with 20mm×20mm square screen, which enables the material to be screened briskly. In the half section close to the outlet, a small square sieve hole of 13mm×13mm is commonly used to prevent larger impurities from passing through the sieve hole and mixing with grains. Moreover, guide spiral plates are installed on the sieve barrel of this section to discharge impurities to the outlet. In order to avoid the blockage of the sieve hole, a cleaning brush is installed on the screen frame. The top is provided with suction hole to absorb dust in time. FDSP's feed machinery drum pre-cleaner structure is simple, low cost, with large processing capacity, good cleaning effect, less grain in the mixed, easy to replace the screen, small occupy.If you are interested, please contact us by



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