How to save energy in each feed processes?

10. 30, 2019

Saving energy consumption is a topic concerned by every feed mill. How to reduce energy consumption and increase output in the daily production process? FDSP suggests that you need to do the following.

How to save energy in driving system?

Feed machine transfer power through transmission device like bearing, reducer, transmission belt and etc, so we must first ensure the normal work and lubrication of the transmission device to reduce the loss of power in the transmission process, to achieve energy-saving effect.

1. Select the appropriate type of lubricant and usage amount to ensure a good working environment and condition of the feed machine;

2. Keep the belt in proper tension, replace the worn belt, and use the belt wheel and other devices that match the belt;

3. Avoid vibration of transmission equipment caused by loose chain, and keep the chain at an appropriate tightness;

4, keep the transmission device clean without dirt and waste accumulation which will cause part excessive heat collection. Allow free air around the gear reducer;

5, when the equipment must work at more than one speed, use AC frequency conversion drive instead of mechanical and adjustable belt drive;

6. Minimize or avoid the use of pneumatic conveying systems.

feed machinery/machine conveyor

 How to save energy in grinding process?

1. Change direction of hammer or replace hammer and cloth bag in time to improve crushing efficiency;

2. Keep the negative pressure of air auxilary system in good condition to improve the output. After the pulse fan stops, the pulsed cloth bag will be cleaned in time to ensure the cleaning of the bag, which can improve the service time of the bag and the efficiency of the fan.

3. Use the variable speed feeder to feed the material evenly and keep the load of the grinder constant;

4. In the micro-grinding operation, mix the materials that are difficult to crush and easy to crush for micro-grinding, which can improve the efficiency of micro-grinding;

5. Add grading equipment after first grinding and micro grinding to reduce excessive crushing of raw materials.

feed machinery grinding mill

How to save energy in batching and mixing process?

1. Improve operation skills and coordination level of control personnel. When the operator goes to work and receives the task,  he need to decide the feed type, sequence and amount according to the production task list, the quantity of batching raw materials in stock and bin capacity, in order to ensure the continuous work of the mixer and will not stop production because of the break of some raw materials; Reasonable feeding will ensure that the min. number of times the hammer mill started in a certain period of time, the shortest empty operation time. When granule and concentrate are produced at the same time, it is important to determine the appropriate switching time to maintain the continuous production of granule and mixing function. If the control person is not skilled in operation and the coordination ability is low, the un-smooth production or suspended production will not be avoided during the production process. Therefore, improving the operation and coordination level of central control personnel is an important aspect of improving production efficiency.

2. Use variable frequency variable speed controller for the screw feeder to keep the motor load of the feeder stable and efficient.

3. The design of the hopper and scale hopper should ensure that the material is completely discharged by self-flow so no need to use vibrating, mechanical, or mechanical device for unloading.

4. Correctly set batching and mixing cycle, reasonably arrange manual feeding and liquid adding operations to improve batching and mixing efficiency.

mixing equipment

 How to save energy in granulating process?

1.When purchasing feed pellet machine ring die and hammer mill screen, aperture ratio should be increased as far as possible when ensure the strength first so as to improve production efficiency, reduce the power consumption.

2. Controlled the output reasonably, adjusted the gap of die and roller reasonably, improved the granulation efficiency and extended the life of ring die and roller.

3.Timely use ring die repair machine to repair ring die, improve granulation production efficiency.

4. Adjust or replace the paddle of the conditioner, add stirring rod to the conditioner to improve the conditioning effect and improve the production efficiency.

pellet equipment


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