How to adjust the clearance between ring die and rollers correctly

05. 22, 2020

The clearance between the roller and the ring die is one of the important parameters to adjust during the operation of the pellet mill. The rationality of clearance adjustment directly affects the performance of pellet mill. The correct adjustment will make the pellet mill obtain the maximum capacity, save product cost and improve economic benefits.

In general, the rotation direction of the ring die is clockwise. For a pellet mill equipped with two rollers, the maximum eccentric flange of the left press roll should be installed in the left half of the ring die and the maximum eccentric flange of the right press roll should be installed in the right half of the ring die when the press roll is installed. If the pellet mill is equipped with multiple rollers, it should also be ensured that when the eccentric regulating ring rotates in the opposite direction of the rotation of the die, the pressure roller should move to the direction of contact with the die, otherwise it indicates that the pressure roller is not installed correctly.

The gap between the rollers and the ring die is generally 0.3-0.5mm. When adjusting, the outer surface of the roller is usually slightly in contact with the inner surface of the rotating ring die, and the ring die is driven to achieve quasi-rotation. Under normal circumstances, the gap between the two with small die holes is smaller, and the gap between the two with large die holes is larger. The gap between the new die and rollers is smaller, while the gap between the old die and rollers is larger. If the gap between the roller and the ring die is too small, the roller and the ring die will be easily worn and noisy. Or else, too much clearance will cause difficulty in discharging.

But after heat treatment the roundness of the ring die and roller is generally a bit out of shape. Regulate the application of the maximum outer diameter of the roller into contact with the smallest diameter of ring die. The gap is still 0.3- 0.5 mm. This regulation is often referred to jumping contact adjustment. At this condition, once the roller minimum outer diameter and the ring die maximum diameter contact will generate additional radial force (load), and abnormal sound metal friction.

The clearance between the roller and the ring die not only affects the pelleting machine's discharging, but also affects the service life of the pelleting machine itself. In the operation of the pelleting machine, if the ring die fixing screw is often broken and the bearing of the roller are damaged, it is generally caused by the ring die and rollers being out of circle and the gap between the two is too small if there are no other obvious reasons.

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