Cause analysis of quick failure for feed pellet mill ring dies

04. 24, 2020

Cause analysis of quick failure for feed pellet mill ring dies

When we buy feed pellet mills, usually buy a few more additional ring dies. Because the pellet mill dies bear great pressure when working, which are more likely to appear problems compared with the other parts. Once the die has a problem, its material output can not meet the standard, must change the die and repelleting. Die replacement is disguised increase the cost of pelleting. Therefore, if the service life of the die can be extended and the replacement number of dies can be reduced, the pelletizing cost can be reduced in a disguised way. So how to make the pellet machine dies life longer?

1. Clean the die regularly

After each granulation is completed, the granulator die should be cleaned. The general practice is to mix the raw material into oil, and grind for a period of time, and then fill the die with oil material.This can not only ensure that the die hole will not be blocked, but also facilitate the next equipment starting .

2. Clean oil material when not in use for a long time

Although the oil material has a protective effect on the dies, but if you do not use the machine for a long time, the oil material added into it will gradually harden, resulting in the difficult removing next time. So if you do not use the machine for more than a month, the die should be removed to be cleaned and stored.

3.The die storage site should be ventilated and dry

As we generally buy a few extra dies when buying the machine, these dies should be stored in a dry and ventilated place, to prevent the moisture in the air and its surface reaction and corrosion.Then this affecting its service life and appearance of pellets.

4.The power od the motor should be matched

Different types of pellet mill are equipped with different motors. In the process of use must be based on the machine models to use the allocated power. If the motor power is too small, pelletizing efficiency is low, the pellet quality is not up to standard. If the motor power is too large, not only waste electricity, but also accelerate the mechanical wear, thus shortening the life of the dies.

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