Cause analysis and troubleshooting of common faults of pellet mill

03. 20, 2020

Cause analysis and troubleshooting of common faults of pellet mill

Because of the long time use of pellet mill, if you do not pay attention to the daily maintenance, there must be continuous failures for the equipment in the production process, and affect the pelleting effect. Therefore, in order to ensure the normal production and the processing quality of pellet, the pellet workers need to accumulate rich experience in dealing with common problems.  The problems and common solutions for the pellet mills are simply described during the pellet feed processing process in the below.

Failure phenomenon 1: No material enters the pelleting chamber

Fault causes: 

1) The conditioner is blocked or the feed port is arched;

2) The transmission device of the the feeding screw fails;

3) The feeding screw is blocked;


1) Clear the conditioner or feeding inlet;

2) Check the transmission device of the feeding screw and troubleshoot;

3) Clean up the material on the feeding screw;

Failure phenomenon 2: There are raw materials into the pelleting chamber but no pellets pressed

Fault causes:

1) The die hole is blocked;

2) Too much water in the raw material;

3) The clearance between die and rollers is too large;

4) Feeding scraper is seriously worn;

5) The die and rollers are seriously worn;


1) Remove the feed in the die hole;

2) Control the moisture in raw materials and steam;

3) Readjust die and rollers’ clearance;

4) Replace the scraper and die & rollers;

Failure phenomenon 3: The motor of the pellet mill cannot be started

Fault causes: 

1) There is material accumulation in the pelleting room;

2) There is something wrong with the circuit;

3) The travel switch can not touch the brake disc or the lever on the door;


1) Remove accumulated materials;

2) Check the circuit and troubleshoot;

3) Check the condition of travel switch;

Failure phenomenon 4: Noise, violent vibration

Fault causes:

1) The bearing has been damaged;

2) Serious wear of ring die and rollers;

3) Foreign matters in the conditioner or feeder;

4) Too small clearance of ring die or rollers;

5) The spindle bearing is too loose;


1) Replace the bearing;

2) Replace the die and rollers;

3) Appropriately adjust the clearance of die and rollers;

4) Clean foreign matters;

5) Tighten the nuts to reduce clearance;

Failure phenomenon 5: The temperature of the spindle head is too high

Fault causes: 

1) The clearance of spindle bearing is too small;


1) Loosen the compression nut properly

Failure phenomenon 6: Safety pin snipped

Failure causes: 

1) Hard foreign matter enters the pelleting room;


1) Remove foreign matters and replace safety pin;

Failure phenomenon 7: Every time the pellet mill turns, it heard a tick

Failure causes: 

1) There are metal impurities in the ring die;


1) Check the inner surface of the ring die and remove metal impurities

Failure phenomenon 8: The pellet mill smoking

Failure causes: 

1) The scraper is worn, so that a hard material layer is formed between the roller and the rotor support plate;

2) Insufficient tension of v-shaped belt;

3) The hard material is piled up between the support plates behind the roller to form a hard material layer;


1) Install a new scraper;

2) Tension v-belt;

3) Remove the hard material and lubricate the main bearing until the grease emerges from the back of the rear support plate;




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