12 items to note when using feed hammer mill

12. 05, 2019

Liangyou Co., Ltd. is a professional feed machinery processing equipment and whole plant engineering comprehensive problem solver. The quality of the hammer mill is trustworthy. It is recommended that you pay attention to the following issues in the production process and consult for more questions to email: fdsp@fdsp-group.com

1. The hammer mill must be fixed and installed, and the axis of the hammer mill pulley and the driving pulley should be parallel, the two transmission pulley groove must be in the same line, otherwise, not only accelerate the damage of parts, and easy to lose the belt.

2. If need to change the belt pulley, must be calculated to meet the hammer mill spindle speed needs. Do not increase the spindle speed at will. If the spindle speed exceeds the rated value of 15%, the machine will shake violently.

3. The raw materials should be carefully cleaned in advance and screened or selected if necessary to prevent iron and stones from entering the machine.

4. Before each use, the cover of the hammer mill should be opened to check whether there is any damage in all parts of the machine, especially whether the split pin on the rotor is intact and whether the connection is loose or not. When confirmed intact, then close the cover and tighten the hand wheel on the door. Drag the belt by hand, check whether the moving part is flexible, whether there is abnormal sound and collision phenomenon.

5. After the machine is started, it needs to be idled for 2-3 minutes, and the machine will be fed gradually after normal operation.

6. Operators should tie up the cuff, wear a mask, do not wear gloves; When feeding should stand in the side of the hammer mill to prevent the rebound debris hit the face; When crushing long-stalk crops, do not squeeze your hands tightly, in case your hands are hurt by the crops pulling back.

7. Feeding shall follow the principle of "even feeding, a small amount of quick addition", that is, from less to more, until the load is normal, and keep continuous and even to prevent "traffic jam".

8. If the feeding port is blocked, do not use wood or iron stick to poke for preventing the wood or stick drag into the machine or pop out to hurt people, do not allow the hand into the feeding port to pull the material out, you can use a hard stem to push the material into the crushing chamber.

9. Pay close attention to the operation. If vibration, abnormal noise, blockage or spraying materials are found, stop the machine immediately for inspection and elimination. It is strictly forbidden to forcibly feed or pull out materials with a wooden stick or hand without stopping the machine to avoid injury to the arm or damage to the machine.

10. It is strictly forbidden to open the door while the hammer mill is running; belt drive shall be provided with a protective device; long-term overloading is prohibited; various tools shall not be placed on the hammer mill and materials at random to avoid falling into the machine; smoking is prohibited in the workplace, pay attention to waterproof And moisture-proof.

11. Self - made powder bag should be made of good permeability cloth with length is not shorter than 1.5 meters. If the collecting bag is airtight or too short, it may cause the inlet to reverse spray.

12. Stop feeding before the machine is shut down, and stop the machine after the material in the machine is cleaned, dedust and lubricate in time after operation.

12 items to note when using feed hammer mill


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