FFSP Series Organic Fertilizer Hammer Mill

The exclusive hammer mill for biological organic fertilizer raw material, suitable for grinding of animal manure .

The most advanced rotor design, quickly replace the hammer beater and precise positioning of hammer beater, save time and labor.

Special treated hammer beater, good wear and long life service.

The de-ironing and impurities removing feeder, fine selection screening and air net system are optional; fully reflect using effects of whole hammer mill.

■  The grinding chamber is of tear circle shape, effectively eliminating the circular flow in the grinding process and getting higher capacity;
■  The Bottom of grinding chamber is fitted with U-shape double grinding structure, further improving the capacity with evener particle size;
■  Rotor passes accurate dynamic balancing test, resulting in low equipment noise and smooth running.
■  Both coarse and fine grinding is realized through adjusting the gap between beater and screen;
■  New type S shape coupling directly connecting driving results in big offset travel and effectively avoid the heating of bearing;
■  Beater blade edge is vacuum-welded by special alloy steel, resulting in long service life;
■  The imported products are used for key parts, resulting in long service life and low maintenance cost;
■  The moving full-wide operation door facilitates maintenance and replacing of beater;
■  It is widely used in fertilizer factory.

FFSP Series Organic Fertilizer Hammer Mill

Model  Parameter   FFSP 668X400MFSP668X600 MFSP 668X800MFSP 668X1000MFSP 668X1200



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