Feed Grinder SWLF Series Vertical Pulverizer

SWFL series vertical pulverizer is a kind of superfine pulverizing processing equipment. It is suitable for all kinds of large, medium and small feed mills. After primary screening, magnetic separation and mixing of various coarse materials such as corn, sorghum, rice, soybean meal, fish and shrimp ,the materials enter the pulverizer to achieve the required standard ultra-fine materials, especially suitable for ultra-fine pulverization of shrimp, turtle, carp and young animal feed.


■ Small vibration

The mesh structure enhances the overall strength and greatly reduces noise and vibration.

■ Low noise

A built-in dedicated muffler can greatly reduce noise and save space.

■ Efficient

The unique internal optimization structure of the machine improves the collision probability of materials and improves the hourly output. At the same time, the material selection is more precise and efficient, and the materials that are not easily crushed (such as soybean meal, bran, etc.) can also be effectively crushed;

■ Security

The hydraulic opening system reduces the labor intensity, easy maintenance, improves safety and shortens the maintenance period;

■ Weight removal and feeding system

Weight removal system, it can effectively remove 98% of raw material impurities (such as stones, iron, stainless steel, etc.). The feeding system feeds evenly and improves the generation of large currents during initial feeding.

■ Novel structure and stable performance

The machine adopts a non-screen structure, and the pulverization and grading are placed in the same confined space, so that the pulverization and grading are completed once, and the energy loss caused by over pulverization is reduced; the hammer design of the new structure has strong wear resistance and prolongs the use time, effectively reduce the cost of use; unique hammer mounting method, faster replacement of the hammer; unique arching device to prevent material arching during feeding.

■ Uniformly adjustable particle size

The pulverized particle size of 60-300 mesh is continuously adjustable, which can achieve ultra-fine pulverization with special requirements; use wind separation, transport, material temperature rise low.

Feed Grinder SWLF Series Vertical Pulverizer

Feed Grinder SWLF Series Vertical Pulverizer

Ouput t/h4.0以上5.0以上7.0以上
Main motor powerkW110132/160200

SWLF Series Vertical Pulverizer

Shell material: carbon steel

Wearing plate material: alloy steel

Hammer knife material: Tungsten alloy cutter head


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