Feed Machinery SCY series Drum Cleaner

SCY series Drum Cleaner is applicable to raw material receiving parts of flour mills, feed mills, grain silos and other industries, mainly used to remove large impurities such as straw, straw, hemp rope, paper, clods, corn leaves, corn cobs, etc. Similar wastes will prevent the equipment and conveying equipment of the next process from being damaged or damaged.

Significant cleaning effect

The outstanding cleaning effect, the high impurity removal efficiency, and the high impurity efficiency can reach 99%;

The ventilation system can assist in cleaning up;

Appropriate sieve holes can be selected according to the nature of the material to achieve the required separation effect.


■ Low power, high output, stable and reliable operation, convenient screen change and maintenance, compact structure and small space;

■ Use a horizontal arm sieve cylinder. The sieve cylinder is divided into the feeding section and the discharging sieve section, and different sieve hole combinations are respectively selected, so that the ideal screening efficiency can be obtained;

■ Adopting the reverse feeding mode, the sieve barrel discharge section is provided with a spiral, which increases the actual screening length, achieves sufficient sieving effect, and effectively prevents impurities from being contained in the net material;

■ Use internal screed and external brush to clean the structure. The fiber-like impurities and the straw are discharged in a group shape through the guiding spiral during the sieving, and the automatic cleaning is reliably performed;

■ Set the quick opening access door for convenient daily maintenance, Inspection and repair, as well as easy replacement of the screen.

Feed Machinery SCY series Drum Cleaner

Feed Machinery SCY series Drum Cleaner

Main Technical


Rotation speed(rpm)211712
Screen Size(mm×mm)Ф630×800Ф800×960Ф1000×1090


Housing: -3/Q235

Roller: -5/Q235

Screen size: 20×20; 30×30

Bearing: LK

Gear reducer: Zhejiang Dongli or FDSP customized brand 



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