TGSS Series Chain Conveyor

It is mainly applicable to the horizontal transportation of small granular or powdery materials in various grain storage, port, dock, grain, feed, brewing and other industries;

■ Simple structure, small size and low power consumption;

■ Good sealing, balanced operation, low noise and long service life;

■ Easy installation and maintenance, and a high-strength scraper chain;

■ The feed inlet adopts direct feeding or bypass feeding modes with good feeding stability;

■ Optional anti-blocking alarm device according to user requirements;

■ No residual tail structure (national patent)

■ With a cleaning sheet, it can achieve self-cleaning effect.

TGSS Series Chain Conveyor

Models Parameters  TGSS 16TGSS 20TGSS 25TGSS 32TGSS 40TGSS 50
Chain Pitch(mm)66.67566.67566.67566.675125125
TransmissionSleeve Roller Scraper ChainSleeve Roller Scraper Chain/Die Forging   Chain
PowerCalculated By Length And Capacity


Side plate :-3/Q235 Bending forming

Top cover plate: -2/Q235

Bottom plate -5/16Mn wear-resistant material

Pin diameter: D = 12.7; chain plate thickness: δ = 6

Nylon scraper thickness: δ=14

Bearing: domestic LK

Geared motor: Zhejiang Dongli / Liangyou custom brand



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