TGSU Series Self-cleaning Chain Conveyor

Applicable for conveying raw materials, semi-finished products and other small granular or powdery materials in grain plants, feed production, pharmaceutical, brewing and other industries, especially in the conveying of powdery materials such as premixed feed and concentrated feed materials.

■The cylinder body has a U-shaped structure, and the U-shaped scraper sheet is in closer contact with the bottom of the conveyor, low residue;

■ The tail with ball stamping structure, low residue;

■ Simple structure, small volume, and low power consumption;

■ Good sealing, balanced operation, low noise and long service life;

■ Convenient installation and maintenance, with high-strength scraper chain;

■ By way of direct charging or side charging, and the charging is stable;

■ Anti-blocking alarm device can be configured according to customers’ requirements;

Model ParameterTGSU 20TGSU25TGSU 32TGSU 40
Capacity   (m³/h)20-4040-7070-140140-210
Scraper   chain pitch (mm)66. 566.566.580
TransmissionSleeve   roller chainSleeve   roller chainSleeve   roller chainSleeve   roller chain/Die forging chain
PowerCalculated   based on length and capacityCalculated   based on length and capacityCalculated   based on length and capacityCalculated   based on length and capacity

Shell: -3/Q235A

Width of scraper: 200/250/320/400mm

High-strength sleeve roller chain

U-shaped nylon scraper



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