Congratulations On The Successful Conclusion Of The Fourth Meeting Of The 15th CPPCC Committee Of Liyang City

01. 08, 2020

Congratulations On The Successful Conclusion Of The Fourth Meeting Of The 15th CPPCC Committee Of Liyang City

During 2nd-4th January, 2020, as CPPCC members, the chairman of FDSP participated in the fourth meeting of the 15th CPPCC committee of Liyang city.

After listening to the report of secretary Xu of Liyang municipal committee and Chairman Di of Liyang CPPCC, We are very deeply inspired. The year 2019 is an extraordinary year in the development history of Liyang. Over the past year, our city has closely followed the theme of "uphill battle year for major projects " and " uphill battle year of global environment ". We have made some long-awaited breakthroughs, achieved some things recognized by the state and provincial governments, and achieved tangible results for the people's livelihood. The prosperity of Liyang is the result of the hard work of every Liyang people. We would like to share with you the four feelings around the topic of 2020 "uphill battle year for major projects " and " uphill battle year of global environment " as follows:

1. Fully implement the general requirement of "relying on Liyang people to run the affairs of Liyang well", take "relying on Liyang people to run the affairs of Liyang well" as the responsibility of every Liyang people, but also the obligation of a member of the CPPCC. As a member of the CPPCC, we should always adhere to and grasp the correct political direction, constantly spread positive energy, give full play to the role of CPPCC members in the discussion and administration of politics, make suggestions for the development and construction of Liyang, and improve the ability of CPPCC members to perform their duties.

2. The political position of the CPPCC's report is high, which serves the overall situation of liyang's development, which not only reflects the reality of our city's development at the present stage, but also reflects the strong reform and innovation in the next step.

3.Government work report closely to the development of our city and the people's livelihood problems, the content is also more pragmatic and specific, pointed out the direction of further work for us, especially it put forward " focused on the entity industry, continue to escort the economic stability", we more firmly believe that as a manufacturing enterprise, under the good policy we can be run our company in a thoroughgoing manner, contribute to liyang's transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry and economic development.

4. Our confusion. FDSP's agro and feed machinery industry is one of the 4 key industries of liyang. The overall technical threshold of the industry is not too high, and the competition is quite fierce. How to keep the technology innovation to achieve advance manufacture and be stand out is the eternal anxiety for every enterprise in industry.

FDSP plans to deploy two things on technological innovation:

First, to build a high-level engineering R&D center with first-class related scientific research institutions. The main tasks are to introduce and transform the applicable forward-looking excellent achievements, organize to tackle core technologies, promote the innovation of products/complete projects.

Second, Explore the transformation and upgrading of the intelligent manufacturing, the main task the lean, automation of production process and intelligent of products, intelligent manufacture in many industries have been ahead, but the process of agriculture and animal husbandry and feed machinery industry is still slow, it will need large courage for enterprises in this industry to go forward even a small step, but the challenges and opportunities coexist, we made a positive attempt. The operation of the company's ERP production, supply and marketing management system and OA office management system has promoted the standardized comprehensive management of the company to a new level. In the first half of 2019, FDSP products passed the certification of intellectual property system compliance, and before the end of 2019, FDSP passed the audit of "timely delivery service of production orders with customers", which improved the enterprise's new capacity construction. It is an inevitable trend to realize the transformation and upgrading of the traditional manufacturing industry to advanced manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing, but it still needs a long-term exploration process. To truly realize the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry, we still need unremitting efforts and promotion.


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