“Jointly building the Belt and Road,continuously open development“---Striving to make South Korea 24TPH sludge with sawdust biomass pellet production line

08. 14, 2020

On July 29th, FDSP successfully completed the delivery of 12TPH sludge and sawdust pelleting production line for South Korea customer. This project is the third cooperation with FDSP after this customer bought 6 tph sludge and sawdust biomass pellet production line in the first phase and 6tph biomass production line in the second phase. Through these 3 times of continuous cooperation, fully show the customer’s affirmation on FDSP equipment operation performance, as well as recognition on FDSP comprehensive service. It demonstrates FDSP's craftsman spirit of "quality is seen in the real production, practice makes the real knowledge", as well as its sense of responsibility to deliver on time during the world epidemic.

The three phases of 24TPH sludge-sawdust granulation production line adopts FDSP mature sludge-sawdust biomass granulation production line process, equipped with 12 sets of the latest automatic 420 biomass pellet machine.The raw materials are mainly composed of dry sludge with sawdust, straw and other crude fiber raw material mixture, among which the sludge is divided into industrial sludge and domestic sludge. After drying, grinding, storage, granulation, cooling, packaging (bulk) and other work section processing, turning waste into treasure, and finally making into biomass clean energy. While promoting energy conservation and environmental protection, promote sustainable development of the world.

All the equipment of the 12tph sludge and sawdust production line was delivered on July 29th, a totally of 4 trucks of containers. The main equipment includes: MZLH420 biomass pellet mill, TGSS25 double-layer scraper conveyor, TDTG50/28 bucket elevator, TCXT40 permanent magnet tube, simple bag dust collector, cyclone and so on. FDSP commitments to the interests of customers as the fundamental starting point, quality and quantity guaranteed completes the delivery task on time, saves customer time, helps customers to achieve production efficiency as soon as possible, and seizes the market opportunity.

“Jointly building the Belt and Road,continuously open development“--- South Korea 12TPH sludge

In future, FDSP company will timely arrange the engineering technicians to go to South Korea for project installation, commissioning guidance, technical services and other work. As China's most powerful biomass system solutions provider and whole plant engineering manufacturers, we offer our customers from the early stage of the consultation, on-site investigation, project design, project construction, technical support, maintenance, etc. "one-stop service", using the world's leading science and technology, to provide customers with customized requirements, provide clean energy for the world.

All rivers run into the sea, all the roads lead to the far places. It is believed that this cooperation will further promote the FDSP development in the South Korean market, and at the same time add a vitality for the co-construction of "One Belt And One Road" and sustainable open development.


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