Grading Machine SFSC Series Locker Plansifter

The equipment can be used for grading and impurity removal of powdery and granular materials in flour, grain, food, pharmaceutical, starch, feed, chemical, mining and other industries, especially for grading, cleaning and screening of two materials, such as ultra-fine powder inspection process in feed processing, starch inspection and impurity removal process, flour powdering process and other work occasions.

Description features:

■ Drawer structure for easy replacement of screen frame and maintenance

■Select aluminum alloy access door, light and beautiful

■Steel wire or universal joint boom lifting screen frame, stable operation, less open and stop swimming time

■Small footprint and flexible use

■ Electrostatic spraying surface treatment

■The screen is pressed vertically and horizontally, ensure that the screen is not loose, does not shift, and does not leak.

SFSC Series Locker Plansifter

Technical Parameter:

Screen surface size(mm)900*15001100*17001250*1900
Power (kw)
Number of sieve layer(pcs)444

Device Configuration:

Motor Box: -3/Q235A

Motor: Weinan / Siemens Motor (China)



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