The trend of intelligent construction of feed enterprises

08. 27, 2019

In the fertile soil in China,feed machinery processing technology continues to grow as an important part of smart manufacturing, and industry competition is becoming more and more fierce. Feed machinery companies want to stand firm in the feed machinery processing rapids in China and the world, and product performance and perfect service are indispensable. In recent years, due to the promotion of science and technology, China's feed industry has developed rapidly and has made continuous progress in intensification and systematization, reaching new heights. However, the market structure of feed enterprises is not clear, and the intelligent construction of feed enterprises still needs a certain distance.

The world's scientific and technological revolution is changing with each passing day. The rapid development of China today is even more eye-catching in the world. Intelligent manufacturing is the main direction. In the 1980s, China's feed industry began to take off. The feed machinery industry is providing services for the feed industry, providing engineering solutions, actively applying new technologies and new processes, accelerating technology accumulation and transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and constantly occupying the commanding heights of technology. Now the demographic dividend is getting lower and lower, and the cost of employing people is getting higher and higher. Through the application of intelligent technology, it is possible to make a feed factory from the beginning of raw materials, to the production of finished products, almost no labor, and to trace the entire production process, which is the embodiment of scientific and technological strength.

Establishing a feed intelligent factory is the need for the future development of feed enterprises. The excessive production of feed from man-made to mechanization not only liberates labor from labor intensity and environment, but also greatly improves production efficiency. With the development of technology and the times. First, the homogenization of products on the market is getting more and more serious. Secondly, the individualized needs of customers are gradually increasing, which means that the variety of varieties is also the subject of feed production. Therefore, the construction of intelligent factories is a development trend. At present, many factories are semi-intelligent or use intelligent equipment or management in a certain link. It is believed that with the rapid development of the feed industry, the level of intelligence of feed factories will become higher and higher. .


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