Notes for feed machinery working during summer

05. 30, 2020

Notes for feed machinery working during summer

For the equipment, the high temperature environment has a great impact on its work efficiency, then in the summer, what should we pay attention to when we process the feed? Jiangsu liangyou zhengda co., ltd. is a professional manufacturer of feed machinery and a comprehensive solution provider with 25 years of industry experience. We would like to offer you the following Suggestions:

1. Be care with the working temperature of equipments

When the pellet machine is working for feed processing, the extrusion will cause the internal temperature rises, it also makes the pellet machine can cure material, However in the summer, the increase of ambient temperature can make granulating machine can't normal heat dissipation, leading to high temperature of granulating machine transmission case, so the lubrication grease inside the equipment will has shorter service life because of the long time high temperature, the equipment is also vulnerable to a sudden stop. Therefore, in hot summer, we should pay attention to the observation of the operating temperature of the equipment, once found that the temperature of the equipment is too high, should be shut down to repair the work, or forced to cool the equipment.

2. Pay attention to fire  

The temperature in Summer is very high, and it will be higher near the working equipment, and some powder material of raw material is flammable, so in order to prevent the fire caused by overheating of part raw material, the fire prevention work of the summer must be careful, feed production line must be far away from the fire source, finished products should be stored in shady and cool place, and there should be no object that refracts light like water bottles, at the same time fire protection facilities around the production line must be comprehensive in case of emergency.

3. Be careful to clean up the residue

Every time after processing of feed, there will be more or less material inside the equipment, in the hot summer, these materials became the paradise of the mold and other microbes, if not to clean up in time, these gone mouldy material can contaminate the new material when the next batch of material processing,, thus affecting the quality of the production materials, so every time after processing the materials in the summer ,we should carefully clean up the residual material inside the equipment, don't miss anything corner which is easy to hide the material.

If you have any other technical problems during the production process, please feel free to consult via our website, Email: FDSP can provide a variety of feed old plant modification services, welcome to inquire.


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