Note: The motor is the core of wood chip machine maintenance

09. 19, 2019

    The maintenance of the motor of the sawdust pellet mill is a very important task. In the production and processing of sawdust pellets, due to the environmental dust and continuous work ability, the operator often neglects the maintenance of the motor as the heart of the sawdust pellet mill. In order to maintain the motor, operators should first understand the structure of the motor: the motor is composed of the stator core, the stator excitation winding, the rotor, the rotating shaft and the bearing. The motor runs by converting mechanical energy through electrical energy to produce high-speed rotational motion. Among them, the bearing is an important guarantee for the smooth running of the motor shaft at high speed. The maintenance of bearing here is a top priority, which directly affects the life of the entire motor. How to maintain motor bearings becomes an urgent issue. 

         How to maintain the motor bearings. Since the motor runs at high speed, the bearing must be guaranteed to be lubricated every moment, the manual oiling is certainly not satisfied this requirement of the motor bearing lubrication, and there are always mistakes in manual maintenance. It is not sure how much grease is injected. Too little grease can not guarantee the lubrication requirement. If the grease is too much, the grease aging, hardening, saponification and other factors will accelerate the damage of the motor. How to ensure proper lubrication of the motor bearings, and how to always maintain the best lubrication state of bearing. It is necessary to inject grease regularly and quantitatively according to the grease consumption of motor bearings.

         In combination with the above factors, the motor bearing maintenance should use a lubricator that can be timed, quantitatively and timely filled according to the lubrication requirements of the motor bearings. Use automatic grease applicator to achieve timing and quantity, and flexibly select the oiling cycle according to different bearing fuel consumption. It satisfies the requirements of motor bearing lubrication, so that the motor bearing is in the best lubrication state all the time, so that the motor can obtain a longer service life.

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Note: The motor is the core of wood chip machine maintenance


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