Maintenance Procedure for Crumbler

09. 27, 2019


I. Safety Operation Procedure

1. When inspecting, repairing and maintaining the machine, the power must be turned off and the warning sign must be hung.

2. The operation door can only be opened after the machine has completely stopped.

3. The impurities in the machine can be cleaned only after the machine completely stopped, and it is strictly forbidden to clean the impurities by hand.

4. The V-belt cover should be kept intact.

5. Motor cables and wires should be covered with protective sleeves.

II. Maintenance Procedure

1. Lubricate roll bearings once every month with lithium grease as lubricant.

2. Check the wear condition of roller tooth profile once a month, and repair or replace the seriously worn rollers.

3. Inspect all fasteners at any time without loosening.

4. Check the spring tightness every month and make necessary adjustments at any time.

5. Check the operation and wear of the triangle belt every month to ensure the tension of the triangle belt. The wear triangle belt should be replaced in time.

6. Check the work of bypass components every month.

III. Repair Procedure

Minor repair: be carried out every six months, including:

1. Clean up the pneumatic triple and solenoid valve.

2. Check whether the bolts in the motor junction box are loosened or not, and replace the damaged sealing ring.

3. Dismantling and lubricating roller bearings.

4. Check the wear of sprockets and chains.

5. Check the tightness of the compression spring and make necessary adjustments.

6. Check the wear of crushing roller.

Comprehensive repair: be carried out once a year, including:

1. All the minor repairs.

2. Check motor bearings and replace lubricants.

3. Check the wear of the pulley.

4. Check and replace seal ring of cylinder and piston ring.

5. Check whether the safety limit switches are flexible and reliable.

6. Maintain or replace the cylinder according to the wear condition of the cylinder body.

7. Check the wear of rollers, feeding roller bearings and bearing base, replace or repair them if necessary.

8. Check and replace the adjusting spring.

IV. Common Failures & Troubleshooting Methods



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