How to produce extruded feed?

01. 19, 2020

How to produce extruded feed?cid=12

Process demand for different material in extruded feed production:

Usually the raw materials for extruded feed are crushed as fine as possible, and strict aquaculture farmers use a pulverizer to make material pass through 80-mesh (hole size 0.18 mm) sieve to get the fineness requirement. The finer the granule of the raw material, the higher the digestibility, granulation fastness and more stable in water; In addition, the feed additives should be premix to make a 4%-5% mixture, and then it is mixed into the feed, in order to maintain a certain uniformity.

The process to produce extruded feed:

some more heat-sensitive vitamins should be added to the extruded powder, add about 100 ℃ of steam or water to powder to make the moisture reach 25%,  then let the hot powder through the extruder barrel to reach pressing part under the temperature about 140 ℃ and pressure 6 kg / ㎡, , then the pressure drops rapidly, super thermal evaporation causes particles expansion (granulation), oil will be sprayed on the surface of pellets after extruded, so as to guarantee the smooth surface of pellets. At this point, the pellet feed is once again sent to the heating channel to evaporate, reducing its moisture to less than 10%, and finally cooled to room temperature to become extruded pellet feed.

For mineral premix powder can be added before the raw material crushing, while vitamin powder beforehand shall be added in the mixing process after the raw material grinding, the is to reduce the vitamin's loss in the heating process, the particle size is usually 1-2 mm, easy to fish and shrimp feeding, otherwise, will be the waste caused by poor feed palatability.

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