How to improve the capacity for sawdust hammer mill

03. 02, 2020

How to improve the capacity for sawdust hammer mill

During the daily production,  we found that the output of the sawdust hammer mill would decline. This kind of problem troubled our customers. Today I will show you how to solve this problem.

Find out the reasons for the decrease of sawdust hammer mill capacity, the production drawdown may be caused by many reasons, we have to check one by one. First of all, it is possible that improper use of a sawdust grinder caused damage to the spare parts, we should  immediate replace the damaged parts when found this problem. Moreover, after replacing the damaged parts, if the output still cannot be improved then we  need to consider whether the new parts are installed wrong and correct them in time, so as to avoid the useless parts.

There is also some small skills to improve the capacity:

1. Adjust the tilt Angle of the sawdust hammer mill, which is conducive to reducing the thickness of the feeding. As we all know, if the feeding material is too thick and too fast, it may lead to the accumulation of materials in the inlet of the hopper and cannot be crushed, the screen of hammer mill could be damaged even worse.

2. Appropriately increase the motor power of sawdust crusher. The motor is the main power source of the sawdust crusher and the main power of the sawdust crusher. The appropriate power increase could all helps to improve capacity.

3. Keep the screen clean, clean the inside of the machine after using the sawdust crusher especially for the screen, if there are a lot of sawdust paste the screen mesh hole, the hole could pass the wood sawdust will be less and less which will affect the rate of discharge seriously, so keep the screen mesh clean is also crucial.

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