Feed plant Fan maintenance and trouble shooting

09. 12, 2019

I. Rules for safe operation of fan

1. When checking, repairing and maintaining the fan, the power must be cut off and warning signs must be hung.

2. Foreign matter in the machine can only be cleaned after the machine stops completely. It is strictly prohibited to clean materials in the machine by hand.

3. The protective cover of the triangle belt should be kept intact.

4. Motor cables and wires should have protective sleeves.

II. Fan maintenance rules

1. The fan can only operate under completely normal conditions.

2. Clean dust, dirt and other impurities in the fan every month, and prevent corrosion.

3. In the process of operation, if any abnormal phenomenon is found, such as excessive noise and vibration, the machine should be immediately shut down for maintenance.

4. Replace the motor bearing grease with lithium grease every year.

5. The fan driven by the triangle belt shall check the tensioning degree and wear condition of the triangle belt every month.

6. Check the temperature rise, noise and vibration of the bearing at any time.

III. Maintenance procedures

Minor repair (once every half year)

1. Clean the dirt, dirt and other impurities on the impeller inside the machine.

2. Check the tension and wear condition of the triangle belt.

3. Check whether the throttle device turns freely.

4. Check whether the anchor bolt is loose.

5. Check the air duct connection sealing condition.

6. Check the wear of fan bearings and replace the grease.

7. Check whether the bolts in the motor junction box are loose and replace the damaged sealing ring.

Medium repairs (once a year)

1. Minor repair works.

2. Check the running condition of motor bearings and change the lubricating oil.

3. Check the wear condition of impeller and check the balance.

4. Rust removal and painting of the body and related air ducts.

IV. Common faults and troubleshooting methods

Feed plant Fan maintenance and trouble shooting


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