What is the advantages and disadvantages of grinding-before-batching process?

11. 08, 2019


1. The crushed materials go into the batching bins (multiple, large volume), which not only enables the grinding machine to work for a long time at the maximum output, but also plays a buffering role in the production process. The shutdown of the grinding system for maintenance or replacement of spare parts will not affect the normal production of feed, realizing the potential of all equipment.

2. Because of crushing a single variety of materials, the hammer mill work with full load and stable, so that it is in a good working state, and obtain the best crushing efficiency;

3. For some large formula feed mills, the grinding process can be equipped with different types of crushers, so as to adapt to the crushing of different raw materials, give full play to the performance of various equipment, reduce energy consumption, improve product quality and economic benefits;

4. The operation and management of the hammer mill is convenient. Single variety of material crushing, good fluidity, not easy to knot arch, and easy to control the feeding quantity in a certain range. Management is also simpler.

What is the advantages and disadvantages of grinding-before-batching process?cid=12


1. As the single crushed materials need to be stored in separate batching bins, the number of batching bins will be increased, which will increase the investment of the factory and the maintenance cost in the future;

2. When changing the formula, especially when increase the kind of raw material, it is limited by the number of batching bins;

3. The crushed powder is put into the batching bins for storage, which increases the possibility of the material arching in the bins, thus increasing the management trouble of the batching bins.

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