FDSP Shares Instruct You How To Make The Sawdust Pellet Machine Service Life Longer

10. 09, 2019

In recent years, the structure of the sawdust pellet machine is constantly updated. However, no matter how the model changes, the die as the wearing parts is always need to be replaced. And the expensive die is also a big cost in sawdust pellet production process. Proper maintenance has a direct impact on the service life of the sawdust pellet machine, so it also has a direct impact on the machining cost of sawdust pellet machine. So what method can let the die of pellet machine use longer time?

1. Clean oil material regularly

As anyone who has processed sawdust pellet know that at the end of each production day, oil material should be used to replace the sawdust left in the die hole. FDSP shares remind everyone, if the die is not used for more than a month, it is recommended to take out the oil material inside of the die hole. Long-term storage process of oil will gradually harden, resulting in the difficult clearance in the next use, seriously affect the following use of the die.

2. Long-term no use, should clean the die

If the die and roller shell are no longer used for a long time, it is recommended to remove the die to clean and storage. It mainly cleans the pellet inside of the die hole and the sawdust attached to the die surface. In this way, on the one hand, it can prevent the condition which is difficult to remove the pellet due to the hardening caused by long-time storage; on the other hand, because the sawdust has features of water absorption, if the sawdust on the surface is not removed, the corrosion on the surface of the die may be accelerated.

3. The die should be stored in a dry and ventilated place

The die of sawdust pellet machine mostly is made up of alloy steel. If it is in a moist place for long time, it may cause the damage of die surface because of the corrosion of air. Thereby this greatly reduce its service life.

4. The handling process should be careful

The die of sawdust pellet machine belongs to the high precision accessories. The die hole is carefully processed according to the compression ratio of the die. If careless handling in the process of carrying , and damaging the structure of the inner wall of the die hole, may cause  forming rate low in the processing of pellet and short service life.

5. Fill with oil material

After the completion of pellet processing every day, oil material should be used for a period of time to ensure that the hole inside is oil material, which is of great benefit to the next day's work, but also conducive to the long-term use of the die. Oil material can be mixture of waste oil and sawdust, which is recycled.

The above is the five tips in the use of sawdust pellet machine. Under the following of the five tips to maintain the mold, your die can be used for longer time. FDSP shares will escort your healthy production at any time.  Consulting phone: 0519-68266288/68266588



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