SHGW Series Horizontal Circulation Dryer

It is suitable for the drying treatment of puffed feed in the feed industry. It is also suitable for the drying treatment of powder, flake, and strip materials in feed, food and chemical industries.


■ Imported PET woven mesh belt, high conveying efficiency, high drying efficiency, more than 25% drying efficiency, acid and alkali resistance, no connection gap, so the material does not get stuck on the woven mesh or fall between the bottom plate. The feed pellets are absolutely not destroyed or deformed.

■ Drying hot air in the drying section adopts different directions of left and right and convection circulation. Therefore, the drying process of the material particles is uniform and uniform, and the water error rate is within 2%.

■ Dry and hot air circulation leads to greatly improve heat exchange efficiency , and save a large amount of steam energy. The drying time is adjusted by the frequency conversion without segment adjustment, which is easy to control the moisture content of the product and reach the standard range.

■ With swinging cloth, uniform cloth and good moisture uniformity

■ Steam trap with high efficiency,called dryer heat exchanger, effectively removes air and condensate from the steam line. After the steam line (air, condensate) is removed, the heat exchange function can be increased by 10%.

■Customize optional automatic temperature control device, drying temperature control using microcomputer PID automatic temperature control system according to the user's needs, with proportional pneumatic control valve, and accomplish the temperature control accuracy positive and negative error within 3 °C. After the temperature is set, the steam quantity is automatically adjusted to effectively control the stability of the moisture content of the finished product and reduce unnecessary steam waste in the production process.

SHGW Series Horizontal Circulation Dryer

Circulating Fan Power (Kw)5.5×85.5×105.5×125.5×165.5×20
No. Of Middle Sections457810
Drying Area(㎡)40506080100
Water Inhomogeneity≤2%≤2%≤2%≤2%≤2%


Box frame material: 100×50 rectangular tube and 50×50 square tube

Inner door material: stainless steel

Mesh belt material: imported nylon mesh

Bearing: Wafangdian

Spreader sprocket row number: double row

Main conveyor sprocket row: single row

Level switch: Shanghai Sipai

Proximity switch: Omron

Geared motor: Zhejiang Dongli or Liangyou custom brand



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