Feed Machinery TCQY Series Double Drum Cleaner

It is mainly suitable for the cleaning of large and small miscellaneous grains of various types of grain and grain.


■ Materials: corn, soybeans;

■ Large output, high efficiency, low power consumption, good cleaning effect, stable operation and low noise;

■ Adopt inner and outer double-layer cylindrical sieve and universal joint connection;

■ Adjustable screen inclination angle ;

■ Some models are equipped with suction devices to remove light and dust from the food more effectively.

Feed Machinery TCQY Series Double Drum Cleaner

Feed Machinery TCQY Series Double Drum Cleaner



Drum Diameter(mm)Φ1400×3350Φ1400×4350Φ1650×4350Φ1650×5350
Rotating Speed(rpm)12121010

Housing: 3mm/Q235A

Roller: 2mm/Q235A

Screen size: customized according to material size

Bearing: transmission bearing and roller bearing, made of domestic high quality bearings

Reducer: Guomao Guotai Cycloid reducer

Motor: Siemens (Bed) or Wannan


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