High Quality SQLZ Cleaning Equipment powder cleaner

Apply to cooperate with feed mills and food factory clean up of powder materials, can effectively separate mixed in the straw powder material, like stone, hemp, pieces of paper, cluster, such as big noise, so that materials can smoothly through the other devices, effectively guarantee the following processing equipment and transportation equipment to work properly. The screen can also be used to screen material after mixer, broken or remove crumb material, guarantee the quality of compound feed.

◆ Suitable screen holes can be selected according to the material properties to achieve the required separation effect.

◆ High efficiency, smooth operation, reliable work, compact structure, small space, simple installation, easy maintenance, easy to replace the screen cylinder.

◆ Rotor equipped with beating plate high-speed rotation, will throw the screening material to the entire circumference of the sieve cylinder, and quickly through the sieve hole, the mass material under the impact of beating plate is rapid disintegrated.

◆ The beating plate on the rotor and the rotating shaft have a certain inclination angle, can make the screened materials or large miscellaneous forward, timely discharge out of the machine. The beating plate with the rotor rotates, at any time to remove the miscellaneous hanging on the screen cylinder.

High Quality SQLZ  Cleaning Equipment powder cleaner

High Quality SQLZ  Cleaning Equipment powder cleaner

Screen drums specφ600×φ500×1000φ900×φ800×1100
Cleaning efficiency≥95%≥95%
Screen drum dia.φ16;φ20;φ30(customized by the material)
Motor power KW5.57.5/11
Beating plate angle

Shell: - 3 / Q235

Cylindrical screen: - 5 / Q235

Size of sieve hole: φ 16; φ 20; φ 30

Bearing: LK

Adopt belt pulley transmission, the transmission is smooth

Motor: Wannan/Siemens electric (China)



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