LYHG Series Three Layers Drum Dryer

LYHG series three-layer drum dryer is mainly used for drying high moisture (30%-60%) raw materials such as wood chips and palm silk.


■ Adopt three-return form, long hot air and material mixing time , high drying efficiency , and high heat energy utilization rate ;

■ Roller and retaining wheel support adopts cast steel integral structure, high strength, stable operation, strong wear resistance and long service life;

■ The barrel and the inlet and outlet ends are sealed with elastic and wear-resistant steel sheets, which have long service life and are easy to install.

■ Reasonable layout and angle of the lifting plate and reliable performance. Therefore, it will lead to the high heat energy utilization rate , the uniform drying , and small number of cleaning materials;

■ Equipped with the characteristics of beautiful appearance, simple operation, low energy consumption, long life, uniform drying and convenient maintenance.

■ The outer layer of the tube is made of high temperature resistant cotton, which is insulated to reduce heat loss.

■ Optional Mars detection, fire extinguishing device to improve the safety of equipment use;

LYHG Series Three Layers Drum Dryer

LYHG Series Three Layers Drum Dryer


Model parameter LYHG10LYHG15LYHG20 LYHG30 LYHG40 LYHG50  LYHG60 
Outer tube diameter (mm)2000200023002300270030003450
Tube   length (mm)6300750070009700105001160011600
Inlet air temperature(℃)<400
outlet air temperature(℃)<80
Rotating   speed(r/min)7  (Adjustable according to the process)
Feed   moisture30%~50%
Discharge moisture13%~15%



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