Feed Cooler SKLN Series Counter Flow Cooler

It is mainly used for the cooling of granular feed in the feed pelletizing section, so that the temperature of high temperature particles can be cooled to no higher than 3℃-5℃ at room temperature, and can be reduced to safe moisture. The cooled particles not only increase the hardness, but also prevent mildew, which is convenient for the transport and storage of granular feed.

Description features:

■ Significant cooling effect

The high temperature and high humidity particles are cooled by counter current cooling principle to avoid the quench phenomenon caused by direct contact between cold air and hot materials, thus preventing the surface cracking of particles. At the same time, the cooling effect is significant due to the large area of air inlet by adopting air closed feeder.

■ Slide valve reciprocating discharge mechanism, smooth movement, reliable, small residual;

■ The cooling box adopts octagonal shape to reduce dead angle residue;

■ Advanced mechanical level indicator, high degree of automation;

■ The top of the cooler and the air closed feeder are made of stainless steel, with strong corrosion resistance and long service life.

■ Four - way adjustable spreader, uniform spreading

■ The bottom hopper adopts arc angle, no residue

■ Special requirements available

It is equipped with electric rotating equalizing mechanism (optional) to maintain the same level of material layer in the machine, and the cooling effect is more uniform.

Feed Cooler SKLN Series Counter Flow Cooler

Feed Cooler SKLN Series Counter Flow Cooler

Cooling volume  m31.52.54681012
Capacity   t/h351015202530
Cooling time  minNot less than 6~10
Temperature after cooledNo higher than room temperature +3~5℃
Suction volume  m3/min34
Allocated power    kW0.751.
Feeder power  kW0.550.750.751.

Equipment allocation:

Air closed feeder: 3mm stainless steel

Top cover: 3mm stainless steel

Cooling cabinet: 4mmQ235(4mm stainless steel is optional)

Discharge mode: slide valve reciprocating

Material level device: mechanical type;

SKLN10/12 is electric distributor

Decelerating motor: Zhejiang Dongli or FDSP customized brand



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